Tradition-rich beer tent dares to take the step towards a digital reservation system

Customer request:

The festival tent of the Schottenhamel family is one of the most traditional festival tents at the Oktoberfest. Due to its size, the tent has many different reservation areas, which must be mapped as part of reservation management. We are all the more proud that the Schottenhamel family has opted for the AirLST reservation system.

Technical solution:

Due to the long tradition of the marquee a lot of information and data sets from the past were available, which unfortunately did not have a uniform structure. This meant that the harmonisation of data during import was of particular importance. Thanks to the extremely high-performance import interface of the AirLST system, all data from the past could be migrated in a structured way.

Only after payment has been received is a reservation finally confirmed and thus effective. Traditionally, the payment process is based on a classic bank transfer, which can result in a delay of several days between the reservation request and the reservation confirmation. In order to speed up this process and, above all, to offer foreign guests a fast and convenient reservation option, credit card payments were introduced as a payment option.

Another innovation was the introduction of a digital table plan in the reservation process. This allows the guest to see exactly where the table to be booked is located in the tent. Individual placement requests could thus be perfectly taken into account.


Performance period:


Special features:

  • Harmonization of heterogeneous data sets
  • Credit card payments and payment
  • Table plan for live bookings



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