The country needs offspring.

Customer request:

Once a year the IHK Ulm honours its best graduates at the Best of... event. The participant management for this event is characterized by a high autonomy of the participants. For example, the participants themselves have to upload pictures of themselves, define their accompanying persons and ensure that everyone gets the necessary information about the event.

Technical solution:

Importing large amounts of data efficiently is one of the central challenges in this project. Core information such as the number of authorized escorts or seating areas is defined decentrally before it is imported into the AirLST system.

Thanks to the high-performance upload function, all information is then available for further processing in a centralised manner. After receiving the invitation, the invited persons complete their data themselves and supplement the necessary data - such as accompanying persons - for the day of the event.

The automated printing of the name badge and seat card is triggered simultaneously by the scan of the respective ticket.


Performance period:
2017 - 2018

Special features:

  • Datenupload
  • Large number of guest groups
  • Name badges



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