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The ABOUT YOU Award has enjoyed steadily growing popularity in recent years. In order to do justice to this importance, the 2018 event was now also broadcast live on TV. In the context of live productions, the time factor becomes an important cost factor. The central task of participant management is to guide all production participants to the right place at the right time. AirLST was the proud partner of this elaborate production.

Technical solution:

A successful live production requires a multitude of different participants: guests, influencers, presenters and a multitude of VIPs made up the mix.

Each group of participants had different authorizations for different parts and areas of the event. All authorizations were managed and controlled via the AirLST participant management system.

The high degree of flexibility of the AirLST system made it possible to cover all requirements without any problems: All relevant information was managed via AirLST and made available to the guest in the form of a ticket printed on site.


Performance period:


Special features:

  • Wide range of guest categories
  • Print function



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