Comprehensive statistics and after-sales service

AirLST offers you comprehensive statistics before, during and after the event, based on live data. This way you can react early to developments and get an overview of your event from the beginning.


Ticketing with payment

For paid events, AirLST offers an integrated payment system that even automatically generates invoices in your CI and number cycles.

E-Mails and Landingpages

Intuitive e-mail design and individual landing pages

AAirLST allows you to freely design and configure your email at any time, depending on the type of email you want to use to contact your contacts: For example Save-the-Date, invitations, confirmations and much more.

Create a uniform, clear point of contact on the Internet for your guests. With AirLST you can create landing pages that are tailored exactly to your events. Also variable characteristics can be considered, e.g. the participation in different meetings, hotel contingents, menu desires, journey methods and much more besides.

The AirLST App

Your guest list for on the go

The secure and simply structured AirLST App is your digital guest list on the move. The app can be used to cover the check-in process and subsequent functions such as badge printing.


Your data is safe with us

As a digital service provider, we are committed to data protection. Our server is located in Germany and all our applications are subject to the "European Privacy Shield for Dataprotection". Our own data protection officer monitors the processes and is available to our customers at any time in case of queries.


The innovative registration

A text-based dialogue system via Facebook Messenger. Pre-programmed answers to specific question algorithms facilitate communication and directly answer frequently asked questions. Registration for the event is interactive and child's play for the user.

Excel and CSV

Import and export child's play

You can import your data records easily and independently from Excel or CSV into your AirLST guest list. These can be exported again after the event, enriched with the check-in information.


Sophisticated duplicate cleaning

AirLST uses different link points to identify which entries in your guest database are duplicates - and eliminates them if desired. Thus your data records always remain top maintained.