"Joint pursuit of innovation for the Munich Oktoberfest"
Customer's request:

We have had a wonderful partnership with the Reinbold family since 2013. Together we are striving for innovative approaches to make the visitor experience in the Schützenfestzelt even more pleasant and individual. In addition to the Schützenfestzelt app and the Schützenfestzelt-Bot in Facebook Messenger, we have also been operating the reservation system for the Schützenfestzelt since 2018.

Technical solution:

In 2013 we started our cooperation within the development of our own app for the Schützenfestzelt. In addition to the current tent status (tent closed or open), a picture gallery with pictures from the previous evening, the daily competition was a central function of the app. Not least because of the competition, the app was downloaded several thousand times a day from the App Store.

Due to the immense success of the app, the idea of increased interaction with visitors to the Schützenfestzelt was extended in a separate Facebook messenger bot. "From now on, "Guschtl" provided all Messenger users with advice and support.

The highlight of our cooperation for the time being was the introduction of the AirLST reservation system for the Schützenfestzelt in 2018. All processes of the reservation process are now digitally accompanied and supported by AirLST.

Overview of our services


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