"Tradition on digital paths"
Customer's request:

Since 2017 we have been supporting the Marstall Festzelt and its hosts - the Able family - in the reservation process for the annual Oktoberfest. The wish of the family was to map the complete reservation process digitally in order to make it more efficient and faster.

Technical solution:

The reservation process for a table at the Oktoberfest cannot be compared to an ordinary reservation process for a table at a restaurant. The requirements for the technical system are much more complex. Thanks to the flexible architecture of the AirLST system, however, all these requirements can also be easily met.

In addition to mapping the actual reservation process, the AirLST system also functions as a comprehensive CRM system for guest management. All guest relevant data such as special requests or menu selection are managed and organized via this system. Of course, the entire invoicing process is also mapped via the AirLST system in compliance with accounting requirements.

As soon as the guest arrives at the tent on the reservation day, he is received by hostesses and accompanied to his seat. All relevant information is available to the hostess via the AirLST app. After successful placement, the guests are checked in, allowing unoccupied tables to be quickly identified and reoccupied.
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