Years of trusting cooperation.
Customer's request:

For ENGIE (formerly COFELY) we have been allowed to work regularly since 2014. Everything is included in the colourful event portfolio, from appointments at the trade fair stand and asking about handicaps for the next golf event to classic customer invitations.

Technical solution:

After many years of extremely positive cooperation, ENGIE and AirLST are a well-rehearsed team. And exactly for this reason we are always trying to reinvent ourselves at recurring events and to upgrade it with new features. In the year 2018, for example, we took care of the DSGVO topic complex in this way. The AirLST system is now the leading medium for DSGVO permissions for future events.

In addition, AirLST covers a large number of other event functions for ENGIE. For example, contact persons and appointments of contact persons during trade fairs are managed and processed via the AirLST system.

Overview of our services