All-in-One- and full-service-management


  • Simple transfer of your guests’ data from Excel to the AirLST-Backend via copy & paste

  • White labelling of all guests touch-points without additional costs

  • Programming and hosting of your landing-page

  • Design of all touch-points and documents in the look you desire.

  • Unlimited query fields

  • Administration of workshop, travel and preference queries

  • Further accesses for any number of employees - free of charge

  • Duplicate check

  • 24/7-support by experienced AirLST staff


Simple Excel import of guests lists

In most cases the data sets are administered in Excel. AirLST is capable of importing these data sets quite simply and conveniently using copy & paste.


Sophisticated duplication adjustment

By means of various connection points AirLST recognises which entries in the guests database are duplicates - and eliminates them. Thus your data sets are always perfectly maintained.


Fully comprehensive contact management

With freely definable categories and priorities we construct an individual, high performance database for you with your contacts - the basis for a perfect guest management.


Intuitive email design

AirLST makes it possible for you to freely design and configure your emails at all times, depending on which type of email you want to send to your contacts: for example save-the-date, invitations, confirmations and much more.


Individual landing-pages

Create a uniform, clearly structured internet interface for your guests. With AirLST you can create landing-pages to suit the occasion, exactly tailor-made to fit your event. Variable characteristics can also be taken into consideration, e.g. the participation at different meetings, hotel contingency, menu wishes, means of travel and much more.


Open register or code check-in

AirLST can generate a personal code for every guest which is sent by mail or email together with the invitation. It thus ensured that only invited persons register for the event.


Ticketing with pay function

For events liable to charge AirLST offers an integrated payment system which even creates the invoices automatically.


AConfirmation of registration

After the successful registration the guests receive a confirmation of registration with QR-code or barcode, a personal, non-transferable ticker, a passbook-object and an outlook reminder.


Individually designable dashboard

In order to maintain an overview and to have all important event aspects visible at a glance, you can design the AirLST dashboard according to your wishes. You decide yourself which contents are important to you.


Comprehensive statistics

AirLST offers you comprehensive statistics based on live data, prior to, during and after the event. In this way you can quickly react to developments and have, from the very beginning, an overview of your event.


iOS and Android-App

The safe and simple AirLST app for iOS and Android enables a fast check-in on the day of the event completely without paper.


Cockpit for after-sales measures

For evaluations, follow-ups and feedback after your event the AirLST cockpit provides a simple instrument that can be adapted to your priorities.


Every kind of customer communication in your CI

You want your customers always to know with whom they are dealing. Of course all aids for guest communication can be individualised, so that your good name, your logo, your complete CI can be transferred to the communication aids.


Your data is safe

Your data is safely stored on a server situated in Germany. Data security officers are on-site. After the event, all customer related data is deleted.

With AirLST you get an unlimited number of employee accesses with various user rights at no extra charge.

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